Trade Secrets of a Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur

February 2, 2016

Thanks PA Conference for Women for the great article. With accomplishing over 8,000 women at the 2015 conference, I look forward to connecting with even more inspiring attendees at the 2016 event.

Trade Secrets of a Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur

A word to the wise: If you ever take a meeting with Tiffanie Stanard, make sure you’re fully caffeinated. The marketing and branding strategist and CEO of Prestige Concepts in Philadelphia talks fast, thinks faster—and does what most people consider a full morning’s slate (i.e., sends emails to current, past and prospective clients, updates her to-do list, prepares for meetings and exercises) before she has even arrived at her office.

Like most entrepreneurs, Stanard is a human whirlwind of action and passion. The key to her success is that she’s strategic about how she spends all that energy. Here, three “extracurricular” activities that have helped her grow her business.





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